Constant Evolution

Do you wake up and do the same thing every weekday? Jump out of bed, mindlessly rush to work, work your 8/10/12 hour jobs, perhaps get dinner with a friend or a workout in, fall back asleep and then repeat? In those 24 hours, did you challenge yourself? How did you think about improving yourself, even if was in the smallest of ways? Could you have woken up 10 minutes earlier to give another shot at that meditation practice which never seems to “clear your mind” and so you decided to give up? Could you have read 10 minutes of a book before going to bed, so that inch by inch you end up having a stack of books you’ve read? Could you maybe just have made your bed this morning? Easiest of all: could you have smiled at a stranger today? And yes, you have the time to do all of this.

Ray Dalio says that true pleasure in life comes from struggle. You work towards your goals, you fail, you get back up, accomplish your goal and move on to the next challenge. It’s about constantly evolving. Each day adds up. Are you using each day to work towards these short-term and long-term goals?

Challenge yourself everyday. Use the power of momentum and compounding. It builds up. You will look back at a year (even 2/4/6 months) from now and notice the difference. Create memories. Stop being complacent.

Recommended book: Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done (to make best use of your time)



Strengthen your brain

My mantra is simple – focus on training the brain and focus on training the body. Both feed each other and the positive impact compounds. My training strategy is also very simple – I’m an avid reader and a fitness enthusiast. On average, I read a book every two weeks and listen to podcasts. I exercise (mostly weightlifting / strength training, with some cardio mixed in) at least 5-6 days a week. Reading and exercising have helped me tremendously in gaining a positive mindset, confidence and knowledge, and have also challenged me to constantly improve myself. Hence the name “braingym” to combine the best of my two pillars.

My next challenge is to write more. So, I’ve decided to share some of my knowledge through this blog with you.

A bit about myself — I am originally from Kolkata, India and recently graduated from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania (Class of 2017). Currently, I’m at an Investment Analyst at Apollo Global Management in New York. Apart from reading and exercising, I love trying new experiences and playing Basketball.

I am going to blog short pieces every day and help you strengthen your brain. Each blog will also have recommended books, videos, podcasts and links to other blogs. My curiosity and reading habit makes me come across a lot of content but I’ll only offer you the most valuable pieces of information. Hope you enjoy and learn from my posts every day!